Crispy Corn Fritters
$7.50 - with Sweet chilli sauce
Crispy Chicken Salad
$17.90 - with chilli, herbs and roast peanuts

Grilled Salmon
$22.90 - with steamed broccoli in red curry

Chilli Pepper Calamari

Crispy Pork and Ginger
$18.90 - stirfry with mixed vegetables

Lemongrass Barramundi
$19.90 - stirfry with mixed vegetables....

Deepfry Chicken Spare-ribs
$16.90 - with salad and chilli sauce

BBQ Chicken (or Pork)
$17.90 - with side salad and spicy chilli sauce
Banana Roti
$8.50 - with coconut icecream and roast peanuts

Black Sticky Rice with Mango
$10.50 - served with icecream

Deep Fried Icecream
$7.50 - with walnuts and maple syrup